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(These specifications are included in all projects unless otherwise stated)  

6 Nail Pattern (Wind Nailing)
Most warranties ask for a minimum of four (4) fasteners per shingle. By using a 6-nail pattern most manufacturers extend the wind warranty upwards of 100 mph.

We Use Nails, Not Staples
There isn't a "head" on a staple. Nails make more sense, don't you think?

28 Gauge Steel Flashing (Painted Brown, Black, White & Gray)

No flimsy aluminum flashing. The roof itself will need to be replaced before our flashing does. Our roof vents are also metal. We've replaced too many plastic vents over the years. This makes sense to us.

High Profile Ridge Cap Shingles
Whether you are interested in a thirty-year laminate or a lifetime architectural shingle, high profile ridge caps make all the difference toward the asthetic appeal of your home. They just look great!

30 lb Felt
Only the best underlayment. The heavier the better.

Ace Roofing installs weathershield (ice and water guard) in all valleys, around all skylights, chimneys, protrusions, and any low slope area when necessary. Very unique and very important in the installation process.

Starter/Gutter Flashing
We install gutter metal flashing on all eaves to eliminate the possibility of rainwater routing behind the gutter and damaging facia, siding, and maybe more! Ace Roofing also installs rake edge metal in the color of your choice to completely protect all barge and facia boards.

RidgeVent/Soffit Venting
Ace Roofing always recommends, if possible, the installation of a ridge vent system. The ability of your roof to adequately cycle the air in through low venting (soffit vents) and out through roof vents or a ridge vent system will undoubtingly increase the life span of your roof and roof deck. A ridge vent system is the most efficient type of venting.

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